Before You Feel Pressure - WATCH THIS | by Jay Shetty - 4 years ago
I came across this video on the internet and I must say I fell in love with it after watching it. It resonated well with me and although it’s not the usual entertainment news article, is known for, I believe that once a while, we can share ‘WISDOM’ when we come across them too to inspire others. The video you would watch talks about why you should not feel pressured in this life. Everyone has their own timeline and society sometimes forces us into someone’s timeline. Society has created a timeline for us, but once you understand that you have your own timeline and that yours is different from that of everyone, you would be able to achieve your own success. Ever felt perhaps you are too old to get that degree? Or that you are 35 and you still don’t own any property meanwhile your colleagues have built their houses and have businesses running? This is a must watch piece and I believe you would enjoy it after watching. SHARE if you loved it. Like and Share.
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